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Elastron presents a varied portfolio that aims to respond to a wide range of targets, all type of patterns and textures,

articles with natural and vintage looks, velvet and suede, high performance synthetics and specific outdoor collections.


Elastron is one of the global reference suppliers for the upholstery industry, with a wide range of colours in articles

made of Fabrics, Microfibres and Synthetics.

Elastron has a selection of more than 100 Collections among 2000 Colours

available in 24hrs!

Some of our treatments are:

This internationally recognized concept has been tested through a water-repellent technology, that prevents the infiltration of dirt, allowing an easier and effective cleaning.

This treatment prevents the appearance of dirt, keeping the fabric dry and clean.




This technologically innovative concept, which is embedded in the article - Sahara, Babel and Seattle, allows the clean up of the article using only water.


It allows an easy removal of stains of coffee, ink, chocolate, wine, etc...


Discover our Fabrics collection in the gallery below.



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Turn your ideas into winning projects. SNIP is an innovative tool for tissue samples with a technical data sheet. Combine 2000 Colours from 100 Collections.

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Our sales team is available to clarify any subject.

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