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Elastron Group - Since 1978

Elastron Group was founded in 1978 and has been dedicated

to the trade of natural leather for the sofa industry and footwear.


Since 2002, in a diversified perspective of the business, Elastron devotes itself to develop and commercialize Natural Leather, Fabrics and Microfibers

collections for the Upholstery industry, Automotive and Footwear.


A wide range of articles as well as an efficient logistics system allows Elastron to satisfy customers, not only big upholstery producers

but also Interior Designers and even Architects.


Nowadays Elastron Group is divided in two main areas - Upholstery and Shoe Division.


More than 100 Collections and 2000 Colours, ready for delivery.

Elastron Portugal

Elastron was founded in 1978 and has dedicated itself to the soft furnishing trade industry in the domestic market.

The company had as main focus the trade of natural bovine skin for the industry of upholstery.

Footwear Division

In the course of 2001, the business was expanded to the trade of footwear components, becoming a reference in the national market.

Supplier of excellence for the most prestigious brands and international designers.

Business Restructuring

In a perspective of diversification of the articles portfolio and a strong commitment to a sustained growth, Elastron has decided to hire employees, in order to cope with a new reality.

In 2006 this strategy would bear fruit, by releasing in the market the first collections of synthetic leather for upholstery.


With a business diversification perspective in mind, in 2006 Elastron placed its efforts on the retail of other products such as natural leather, fabrics, synthetics and microfibers.

Since then, Elastron has taken on a new challenge - exportation - sending its products first to the Spanish and Italian markets.

Catalogs Factory

As a result of the market demands and based on a range of a considerable number of articles with great impact in an international level, Elastron felt the need to create its own Catalogues Factory.

In this factor, Elastron catalogues are produced as well as customers catalogues customizations, having the capacity to provide up to 30 thousand catalogues per month.

Elastron Spain

At the end of 2015, as a reinforcement of the presence in the Spanish market and to be closer to the clients, Elastron Spain opens its facilities in the cluster of Yecla (Murcia), serving the Spanish industry and offering a cut length service and a showroom.

Elastron Deutschland

Covering a geographically strategic area for Elastron, the new German business unit is an additional boost that will allow the company to expand its penetration brand rate, making it a global reference.

“Inspiration company in Europe” (London Stock Exchange)

"As a result of their exponential growth over the last 3 years, the Elastron Group was elected (by the London Stock exchange) as an “Inspiration Company in Europe”, one of 10 Portuguese companies and 1000 at the European level.

Elastron had already also been distinguished at a national level, by “Anje” and the “Municipality of Porto”, as national “Champion of Growth”.

Elastron China

As a reinforcement of its sustainable growth strategy, Elastron has extended its range of automotive articles and launched an outdoor selection.

With a current portfolio of more than 100 collections with 2000 colours, Elastron expands to the Chinese market where it opens a new unit – Elastron China.


Offer our customers and partners a distinctive and innovative product, creating added value to the final product.


To be seen as a global referencein the Upholstery Industry by presenting win-win solutions and leading new trends.


Reliability, commitment and team work, supported by a Sustainability Strategy.

An Inspiring Company (LSE,2017)

Distinguished by the SCALE-UP Porto (Anje) and the London Stock Exchange (LSE)

According to the London Stock Exchange, Elastron is one of the most inspiring companies in Europe

and the "Champion of Growth" of the Portuguese Economy.

What makes Elastron a "Champion of Growth"?

In 2009, Elastron closed the year with a turnover of 450,000 euro,

overcoming the 35.000.000 euros from 2017.


Growing from 6 to more than 130 direct workers, Elastron has facilities in Portugal,

Spain, Germany and China, exporting to more than 70 countries

SNIP - Pick a Sample


Snip is an innovative concept of a fabric sample by collection and colour, with a technical datasheet on the back.

A powerful tool that helps you to develop your project.


2000 Colours and textures from more than 100 Collections of Leathers and Fabrics

Turn your ideas into winning projects!


Ask for your colour sample in the product gallery.


Is the newest and most sophisticated brand of Elastron.

These are the articles which are the most technologically advanced, especially developed to satisfy the most demanding markets in the areas ofContract, Decoration and Upholstery Industry.

This selection is exclusively associated to the articles with Special Treatment or Exceptional Characteristics that give added value and differentiation to the upholstery articles.


We highlight some of the treatments such as: Fire Retardant, Hydrocare, Easy to Clean, High Scratch Resistance and Chemical Solvents Free.

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