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Elastron Group was founded in 1978 and has been dedicated

to the trade of natural leather for the sofa industry and footwear.


Since 2002, in a diversified perspective of the business, Elastron devotes itself to develop and commercialize Natural Leather, Fabrics and Microfibers

collections for the Upholstery industry, Automotive and Footwear.


A wide range of products as well as an efficient logistics system allow Elastron to satisfy customers, not only major Upholstery Producers

but also Interior Designers and Architects.


Nowadays Elastron Group is divided in two main areas - Upholstery and Shoe Components and Leather Goods.


More than 100 Collections and 2000 Colours, in permanent stock!

Elastron Portugal

Elastron was founded in 1978 and has dedicated itself to the soft furnishing trade industry in the domestic market.

The company had as main focus the trade of natural bovine skin for the industry of upholstery.

Shoe Components and Leather Goods

In the course of 2001, the business was expanded to the trade of footwear components, becoming a reference in the national market.

Supplier of excellence for the most prestigious brands and international designers.

Business Restructuring

In a strategy of portfolio diversification and a strong commitment to sustained growth, Elastron decides to hire employees in order to face a new and demanding reality. This strategy would bear fruit, and the first collections of synthetic leather for upholstery were presented to the market.


In a strategy of business diversification while at the same time seeking to reduce dependence on the natural leather trade, Elastron expanded its portfolio to other types of coating such as synthetic, microfibres and fabrics, certifying them in German laboratories.
In the years that followed, Elastron entered two important markets: Spanish and Italian.

Catalogue Factory

As a result of the market's demands and based on a considerable portfolio of products with major international impact, Elastron felt the need to create its own Catalogue Factory, where it not only produces its own catalogues but also executes customized catalogues on demand. It has the capacity to produce up to 30,000 units per month.

Elastron Spain

With the aim of strengthening its presence in the Spanish market and being closer to the customer, Elastron Spain inaugurates its facilities in the Yecla cluster (Murcia), thus serving the industry and providing a cutting service and showroom.

Elastron Deutschland

Covering a geographically strategic area for Elastron, the new German business unit is a booster that will increase brand penetration, making it a global benchmark.

“Inspiration company in Europe” (London Stock Exchange)

“… one of the most inspiring companies in Europe.” (London Stock Exchange)

As a result of its exponential growth over the last three years, Elastron Group was acknowledged by the London Stock Exchange
as one of the most inspiring companies in Europe.
Recognized by SCALE UP Porto (Anje) and Câmara Municipal do Porto (Porto’s City Hall) as a "national growth champion".

Elastron China

Following its sustainable growth strategy, Elastron extends its range of Automotive products and launches an Outdoor Selection. With a current portfolio of more than 100 Collections in 2000 Colours, Elastron physically enters the giant Chinese market, creating a new unit – Elastron China.

Merit Award (investment in China)

The Luso-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry has awarded Elastron Group the Corporate Merit Award (investment in China), a distinction that recognizes and awards not only Elastron Group's entrepreneurship but also its important contribution to bilateral relations between the two countries.

Elastron Poland

Covering a geographically strategic area for Elastron, the new Polish business unit is a booster that will increase brand penetration, making it a global benchmark.

Elastron - Best Exporting PME Award

AICEP Export & Investment Prize awarded at the end of 2020. Perseverance, agility and innovation are characteristics inherent to Elastron Group, which has managed to adapt to the demands of the crisis and still continue to grow.

Certification ISO 9001

ELASTRON PORTUGAL - CERTIFIED WITH ISO9001. The Certification of the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001 demonstrates the Organizations commitment to Quality and customer satisfaction, reinforcing the institutional image and keeping up with the constantly evolving market.
The SGS Certificate evidences the highest levels of quality, indispensable for national and international business.


To offer distinct and innovative products to our customers and partners, creating differentiation in the final product. We focus on the constant innovation of our products and in quality, efficiency and safety solutions that appeal to the most demanding markets, so as to bring competitive advantages and comfort to all parties involved.


To be a global reference in the Upholstery and Decoration Industry, presenting winning solutions, always at the vanguard of the market.


Elastron is governed by values that represent its way of being and guide its professional and personal conduct, both individually and collectively. As values we emphasize reliability, commitment and teamwork, supported by a sustainability strategy defined and applied from day one.


Elastron is committed to the implementation and monitoring of the Quality Management System
and it is based on this principle that ensures the provision of excellent products and services.


It is the latest and most sophisticated Elastron’s brand.

These are the most advanced products, created to respond to the most demanding, rigorous and specific markets in the areas of Contract, Home Décor and Upholstery Industry.

This selection is exclusively associated with products with Special Treatment or exceptional features that add value and differentiation to upholstery products.

We highlight some of the treatments:
Fire Retardant, Hydrocare, Easy to Clean, High Scratch Resistance and Chemical Solvents Free.

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